Emily and Ryan are a home improvement and design duo. They coach homeowners through home projects and specialize in creating income producing properties.


They live in San Luis Obispo, CA with their two boys. Together they have remodeled several homes, managed over 70 long-term tenants, and hosted over 750 vacation rental guests. 

In 2015 they purchased the worst home in their favorite neighborhood in San Luis Obispo. They turned the run down house into their dream home. Emily and Ryan are passionate about helping clients design and build dream spaces of their own. Their online courses and onsite services give homeowners the tools they need for any home project. They guide clients in project planning, interior design, budgeting, timelines, and appropriate expectations. They bridge the gap between homeowner and builder- no matter how small or large a space. 

Emily & Ryan specialize in garage conversions and guest units. They turned their own garage into a short-term guest unit rental which funded their entire home remodel! Their vision is to help homeowners across California get the junk out of their garage and transform that wasted space into profitable space. 

They offer the most comprehensive home improvement coaching available. Whether you want to create an income producing property or simply redo your bathroom- Emily Ryan Homes is here for you!